Word from the president


Leader in vascular health!

Dr. Michel Vallée

Smoking, leading a sedentary life, not eating right is a bad combination for your vascular health. Its effects on vein and artery health are telling, and yet we don’t often hear about how much vascular health matters in ensuring quality of life.

Our veins and arteries are fundamental to our wellbeing, forming a complex circulatory system that, if out of order, can have disastrous effects on important internal organs including the heart, brain, kidneys and lungs, and on our legs as well. If we put all of a human adult’s blood vessels end to end, they would reach about 100,000 kilometres: more than twice the earth’s circumference! Good blood circulation, then, is vital – and diseases that affect our circulation can threaten our lives.

Although medical science has made great strides in detection and treatment, prevention is still the best protection.

The Quebec Society of Vascular Science (QSVS) believes that education and prevention can improve patient health considerably. Since 2000, this conviction has motivated the QSVS to bring together an interdisciplinary forum of health care professionals with a shared interest in a crucial field: vascular sciences. Since then, the QSVS has developed, organized and co‑ordinated professional development activities for its members and other professionals who want to stay current in the field of vascular sciences.

Our participants and members come from a wide range of professions including physicians in all specialties, medical residents, general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and dieticians. This diversity is what makes our activities so special and allows us to approach issues from various standpoints, from that of a medical specialist to that of a nutritionist. Today, this surprising forum for co‑operation and professional enrichment brings together nearly 4,300 persons, more than 1,000 of whom are members.

Enjoy your visit and look forward to welcoming you during one of our activity.

Dr. Michel Vallée, president – QSVS