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QSVS’ mission is to serve as an interdisciplinary forum in order to optimize the management of vascular diseases while respecting the rules of the R&D. Becoming a member of the QSVS is to be part of a unique environment for professional enrichment and exchange with 1,500 active members, 40 loyal and committed partners, a fantastic team of volunteers made up of scientific committees, scientific editors and seasoned speakers from all fields of vascular medicine.

We exist to encourage exchange and to promote research and innovations in the field of vascular medicine – all in the interest of providing patients with the best possible care.

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You will be able to support / assist / have access to :

  • visiosymposia and webex conferences bringing together professionals from 50 regions across Quebec and New Brunswick.
  • Specialized seminars with lectures, debates and updates on ongoing trials.
  • Webinars offered by vascular specialists.
  • An annual one-day Neurovascular Conference presenting new advances in the field.
  • An Annual Convention on current issues in vascular medicine, including a series of lectures on specific vascular issues as well as a scientific poster competition and ongoing clinical trial display.
  • A newsletter, Vascular Echoes, featuring articles on advances in vascular medicine, the challenges faced by researchers, information on past and upcoming activities as well as timely journal articles. We also invite you to contribute to this newsletter by sharing information that might benefit your colleagues.
  • A website offering important information about major activities throughout the year as well as working tools for professionals and prevention resources for patients.
  • And lastly, a Facebook page fed by a team of wonderful volunteers who are committed to keeping you up to date on the latest in vascular medicine.

FOR INFORMATION : 514 226-6033

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  • Regular membership - 1 year

  • sub-total: $1 000
    taxes: $149.75

    TOTAL: $1 149.75
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  • We will communicate with you by email, unless opposite notice from you.