Word from the president

Word from the president


Quebec's vascular sciences society has a heartful of ideas!

Dr. Michel Vallée

For the Société des sciences vasculaires du Québec (SSVQ), 2017 was a lively year: the 10th neurovascular symposium, with record attendance; a resoundingly successful annual conference; three video symposiums that were very popular with individual and institutional participants; and the new e‑version of our newsletter Échos vasculaires!

    And 2018 is keeping the SSVQ busy as well:

  • a video symposium in February, with record attendance, on new developments in hypertension and cardiovascular medicine
  • two spring video symposiums, one on preventing dementia starting in childhood, scheduled for May 25, and the other on thrombosis and cancer, planned for June 15
  • a video symposium to be held in September, after the summer holiday season (details to follow)
  • exceptionally this year, a new format for the neurovascular activity: a video symposium summarizing highlights from the World Stroke Congress, planned for November 16
  • the vascular sciences academy, part of the the SSVQ’s 18th annual conference, slated for November 29
  • the vascular sciences current events day, also part of the the SSVQ’s 18th annual conference, scheduled for November 30
  • the vascular sciences summit, another part of the the SSVQ’s 18th annual conference, to be held on December 1.

The year 2018 will be a banner year in our history, as the SSVQ receives its number as a registered charity!

This new status will give the SSVQ unprecedented fundraising capacity for introducing new tools, training the next generation, and developing new activities. Charitable status will broaden our horizons, allowing us to provide even more services to current and future generations of health care professionals, and always for the good of the patient.

Over the next few years, we hope that charitable status will help us boost our educational mandate by extending it to all health care specialities and thus decompartmentalizing practices.

So keep up with the news on this important milestone for the SSVQ.

We extend special thanks to our organization’s managers, generous volunteers, financial partners and product and service suppliers, all of whom contribute to the success of the SSVQ’s activities.

We look forward to seeing many of you at each of these events!

Keep in touch by following us on Facebook, visiting our Internet site, or reading Échos vasculaires.

Send us your comments and suggestions at info@ssvq.org. Thank you!